Considerations - Restricted Access

Our furniture hoist service is a unique way to deliver goods, furniture and items to upper floors externally, where access through conventional entrance is restricted, blocked or prohibited.

A furniture hoist is essentially a mobile lifting device consisting of a motorised platform that runs along a telescopic track between ground level and the desired destination floor providing access via a window, balcony or roof terrace. The track is extended and secured by leaning against a solid structure such as a wall or ledge. The platform has sides that can be folded up to form a box to support tall items or kept flat for wide loads.

There are several key points to bear in mind when considering Furniture Hoist Hire

  • It is essential to observe that the path from ground level up to desired access point is free from obstacles such as overhead cables, tree branches, lamp posts etc.
  • The hoist, when deployed, takes up one and a half regular parking bays and therefore requires two free parking spaces. Please consider this when arranging for a parking suspension.
  • The hoist should be set up as close to the building as possible to obtain the best reach and maximum load capacity.
  • Under ideal conditions, it is possible to deliver loads up to 400kg to a height of 20m and up to 200kg to 30m. The angle between ground plane and the track can not be less than 30 degrees for safe operation.