Interior Design Installations

Your project deserves the very best at the installation stage. Whether you are an interior designer or project manager, you can rest assured that we will deliver a prompt, reliable and quality installation service. We advise you to contact us as early on in your project as possible to discuss your individual requirements. This means we can help solve any particularly challenging aspects to your installation.

We have extensive experience with design projects including transporting and installing large, delicate and/or heavy items using a mixture of our removal fleet and furniture hoists. We will install to your precise specifications, placing items exactly where they belong.

Our teams are always uniformed, presentable, helpful and polite to ensure that your project is as stress-free as possible. A Forman is always on site to take and carry out instructions.

Things we typically help with include:

  • Fine arts handling
  • Storage and warehousing of single items or all items for your up and coming projects
  • Pickup from your warehouse or storage and deliver to site
  • Protection of site floor covers etc.
  • Unpack and unwrap
  • Removal of packaging
  • Install and put together of furniture
  • Set out and adjust to requirements


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“Great value and ready to assist in any emergency situation, Pritchards have rescued us from every designer's nightmare when a luxury sofa did not fit up an Eaton Place property's staircase. With only an hour's notice, Pritchards had driven to our rescue, advised on removing windows from the property, and transported the sofa directly into the subject room with streamlined ease and professionalism.”

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